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Monumento ai Caduti

We can begin our journey from the war monument dedicated to the Fallen of the Great War, the 1931 work by the Catanese Salvatore Juvara. The square boasts three churches: Santa Barbara, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Pantheon. The church dedicated to the patron saint Santa Barbara is an 18th century building with a façade which shows clear Neo-Renaissance lines, while inside, the rich neo-classical decoration in stucco and the towering marble altar arouse wonder. Inside, the fine silver simulacra of the Saint (1745), the vara (or ferculo), and nine ornate, golden Varette (or Candelore) are kept. Opposite stands the church of the Madonna del Carmine, built in 1502 and renovated in 1923; inside you can see the Madonna della Catena, an excellent 16th century marble sculpture made by Antonello Gagini. Behind the church of the Madonna del Carmine winds the narrow Via San Marco that leads to the homonymous church.