In the lower part of the town

With its narrow alleys, squares and long thoroughfares
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Chiesa di San Gaetano

Going down to piazza Umberto you can see the 18th century Palazzo Alessi, today seat of the Council, but once residence of the homonymous family and later headquarters of the notaries of Ibla; its interiors are particularly elegant.

A little further on we can find piazza San Francesco di Paola (with its unique triangular shape), where there is the church of the same name, built in 1695 and restored in 1779. Above the neoclassical façade rises a curious Arabic belltower; in its vaguely Baroque interior there is an elaborate altar in marble and stucco, created in 1925 by the Paternese sculptor Michele Cannavò. Situated a little further on, almost in front and merging with the houses, is the church of San Gaetano. Built in 1736, its low belltower with a characteristic Baroque cupola is like some others in the town; inside some altar paintings have been preserved: a San Biagio and the Presentation of Jesus at the temple.