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Chiesa di Santa Margherita

Just outside the Church it seems almost natural to go down the steep via Roma until, on the right, a flight of wide steps leads to another jewel of Paternò Baroque: the chiesa di Santa Margherita which rises in its wide terraced sagrato, painted in two joyful colours and with a bizarre bulb-like bell-tower. You enter the church through the artistic wrought iron gate with its black lava stone portal. Built between 1694 and 1750, it is in the typical style of minor local Baroque; the interior has a longitudinal layout, and in graceful decorative plasterwork, the great 18th century Pala d’altare di Santa Maria dei Sette Dolori (altarpiece of St. Mary of the seven sorrows) dominates: in fact, the Church is traditionally linked to the ancient cult of the Madonna Addolorata (the sorrowing Madonna). Other contemporary paintings displayed here are Santa Margherita, Sant’Elena, the Holy Family and the Nativity; the dome is frescoed with The prophecy of Zaccaria. La Pietà, must also be admired, a lovely high relief in stone above the side entrance, done by the sculptor Giacinto Lo Gioco in 1922.