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Cimitero Monumentale

We highly recommend a visit to the adjacent Cimitero monumentale. It is in a panoramic position overlooking the valley of the Simeto. An unusual location of haunting beauty which makes this site one of the most beautiful in Italy. There you can admire funerary chapels and sculptures of high artistic level ranging from neoclassical to liberty and deco; the eclectic Chapel of the Cutore-Amico stands out above the rest. Of considerable interest are the busts done by the Paternese sculptor Michele Cannavò, marble works of realist taste, which can mostly be observed along the Viale San Pietro. In front of the church the Madonna delle Grazie a romantic stone staircase leads down to the 16th century church of San Giacomo (St. James). It joins with the homonymous confraternity, and is characterized by its rustic, linear architecture, while in the niche of the façade is a statue of the patron saint.